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September 22nd, 2015:
Rankings have been updated for September 2015!


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The main problem with measuring the best international football team in the world is that each country is different in terms of population. Therefore, larger countries always have an advantage because they have a larger pool of potential players to pull from. The following list will somewhat factor out this problem by rating each team by their FIFA points per head of population. This table is not claimed to be a clear cut method, but at least it gives an indication as to the teams that are punching above their weight (or not).

There now follows a listing of the current FIFA world rankings for September 2015

RankFifa RankCountryPointsPopulationPer Head
255Cape Verde Islands5894988970.0011806044133358
361Equatorial Guinea5465512010.00099056424063091
553Trinidad and Tobago59410658420.0005573058670985
840Northern Ireland68717103000.00040168391510261
1269United Arab Emirates48414000000.00034571428571429
2038Costa Rica73140752610.00017937501426289
2550Republic of Ireland60540622350.00014893279192366
2696FYR Macedonia30520505540.00014874029164801
3620Czech Republic940102354559.1837636919902E-5
5621Cte d'Ivoire924176548435.2336914012773E-5
58105New Zealand20941157715.0780279077723E-5
6772Burkina Faso468132280003.5379498034472E-5
9087Saudi Arabia350270197311.2953496835331E-5
9356Korea Republic574488468231.1751020122639E-5
9671South Africa469474320009.887839433294E-6
9864Congo DR529626000008.4504792332268E-6
10980China PR39313218518882.973101627858E-7

Previous Comments For This Page

Cape Verde Islands has now been added
On 02/10/2015

where's cape verde? 0.5 million population, fifa ranking 50!
On 02/10/2015

Iceland is at best third. Current ranking per capita for Iceland is 2.7x10-3. However, both Lichtenstein and Faroe Islands rank higher at 4.631X10-3 and 9.278*10-3,respectively.
By pehrja on 09/09/2015

On 26/10/2014

Very nice site!
By Pharme165 on 19/09/2014

I really enjoy the article post. Cool.
By Smithg535 on 18/09/2014

The sports popularity in each country should also be taken into consideration. Example: USA "soccer" is quite far down the list after American Football, Baseball, Basketball, NASCAR, Hockey If Futball was
On 31/01/2012

All of these are nt complete without NIGERIA topping the list by DON RALPH
By CHIKA RAPHAEL on 01/10/2011

what about India on the list of top 20?
By john on 01/04/2011

If we were to factor in the fact that our neighbors continually poach our players, this would place NI back at number one position (where by divine right and skill, we belong).
By Quintoniewicz on 02/02/2011

Ranking per capita is stupid when many countries draw players from their diaspora as well as naturalised citizens.
On 24/09/2010

Any chance of an update?? I'm sure NI have slipped! :(
By Neil on 24/09/2009

Come on Norn Irelan I knew you were better than Brazil and England
By Andy on 20/07/2009

Is this a northern ireland forum, or are we just the best team and supporters in the world.
By green and white army on 12/04/2009

zimbabwe is da bst
By serole on 17/01/2009

Is South Africa gonna make it in the World cup?
On 19/12/2008

Ghana, you don't deserve that position. you people can still be your first position in Africa when it to used to be first in Africa, why then drop from your position
By proof on 05/12/2008

Easy, come on northern ireland
By Norn Iron NIALL on 06/08/2008

honduras should not be on the 50 place, he should be in the 15 place
On 04/07/2008

where is indonesia now ? ( dimana indonesis sekarang )
By adam on 02/07/2008

england sucks.they dont even deservr to be in the position they are now
On 17/06/2008

why the hell isn't USA higher! they just tied f**king argentina!
By USAloser22 on 10/06/2008

ehh portugal should be up higher they came in 4th for the world cup and they are the best team in the euro right now argintina is good but they dont deserve number 1 brazil isnt looking to hot either so they dont deserve to be that high either chzech republic is a good team and i think germany deserves a little more cresit also all in all its a good list viva portogal go cristiano ronaldo and the rest of the portugal team destroy everyone in your path to the euro championship
By Luke Bakos on 09/06/2008

Northern Ireland are looking healthy :D
By James on 14/02/2008

clearly Scotland are above England that is all that matters
By the true special 1 on 12/12/2007

england are rubbish i waste my time watching ther matches
By Farhan Siddique on 07/12/2007

On 08/11/2007

The dates for these comments have all been changed / reset to today as the system for adding comments has been updated to use AJAX. If you don’t know what that is it basally means the page does not need to reload after a comment is posted – it changes live and it also lets you (the poster) delete the comment if you make a mistake.
By admin on 31/10/2007

We are THE BEST!!! cmon GAWA we can still make it to Euro 2008!!!!!!!! Good to see us at the top of a table again!
By Holly on 31/10/2007

By Graham on 31/10/2007

I would agree that the 60th place cut off is a problem. The only conceived reason for this is that I got bored typing the places in. On 24 October 2007, when the rankings are next updated I make an effort to use all 200.
By admin on 31/10/2007

If anyone can find a list of the number of professional or amateur footballers in each of these countries I will be more than happy to use it. Otherwise the only easily available means of factoring out “the pool of potential players” is to use population. Of course this is not linear and there are flaws. This list is a point of interest rather than a statement of team X must be twice as good as team Y. Everyone is encouraged to debate this.
By admin on 31/10/2007

This is silly and cooked. Silly because, unlike, say, the GDP, the ranking points are not in any way imaginable linearly dependent on population. And it is cooked because the cut-off is first 60 teams, making sure that no nation with smaller population than N. Ireland can be counted -- otherwise the Points Per Head of countries like Luxemburg, Seychelles or San Marino would make N. Ireland look like a band of cripples
By Bohemia on 31/10/2007

I'd like to see the same stat when measured against total club players instead of population. In the US soccer isn't that popular and will never appeal to even 10% of the population. Same applies to Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc. Well done to Northern Ireland though.
By Wessels on 31/10/2007

Northern Ireland Twice World cup Quarter finalists with a population of 1.7 million who can match that ?
By Dado on 31/10/2007

what about el salvador?
By kevina on 31/10/2007

Classic !!
By Adrian Henning on 31/10/2007

John from Brooklyn - this is only done for the first 60 clubs in offical rankings. Wales isn't in the top 60 so not on this list.
By Mark on 31/10/2007

sum of these teams are not actual players in the FIFA. LIARS
By steve mommy on 31/10/2007

This is so silly it's just :-) :-) :-)
By glouille on 31/10/2007

Interesting list. I feel sorry for some of the people (Jhonathan cristiano ronaldo fan, Billy Bob, Xavier) who don't seem capable of reading the explanation at the top, how do people that stupid manage to get through life?
By Dan Miller on 31/10/2007

Ryt we beat England, Spain Sweeden and we used be 152nd now 28th! Com on Norn Iron Our wee Country!
By Norn Iron on 31/10/2007

Most people that have posted do not appear to understand how these rankings were created. However, their gripes may be legitimate as there are some mathematical flaws. After seeing the high ranking of Northern Ireland and Scotland, I was surprised to see that Wales was not on the list so I did the calculations myself. Population of 3.1 million and 428 points (both according to the FIFA website) results in points per head of .000138 which should have placed them 12th in between Finland and Costa Rica.
By John from Brooklyn on 31/10/2007

This is academically the best means of producing rank. It is real term measuremnt, and shows indeed that the bigger the better. It is science that the bigger beats the smaller over the long term, and this excellent methodology irons out those inherent inequalities. I have to laugh at the irony of the comment of Deano tho, "if only NI were a bigger country." Lost on you? Think about it!!! And well done to the South as well, from the best team in the world...real terms! Biggy Jacks
By Big Jacko on 31/10/2007

come on the green and white army....we always punch above our weight!
By kathy... belfast! on 31/10/2007

HEALY! Dude (cristiano ronaldo fan), i would calm yourself. True, nobodies gonna say that Northern ireland are better than Brazil, because that hasn't been proven yet and fifas rankings prove that because NI are below brazil. But if only we (NI) were a bigger country...... "dreams" :P. "And healy scores his seventh today past Dida, what a fantastic result for the Green and White Army! Brazil 2- Northern Ireland 9
By Deano on 31/10/2007

The following top list was so embarissing to watch that i would literally burn my eyes out than to see it againg, how can Northern Ireland be on top and brasil in the last top 10 teams, and mexico, and colombia. I understand USA's position, im not really angry but seeing uruguay above and beyond, italy, germany, england, brasil, portugal, sweden, and argentina, is so dumb, you guys should really begin to watch soccer. with no love Cristiano ronaldo fan
By Jhonathan cristiano ronaldo on 31/10/2007

well done fifa
By dohnji divine on 31/10/2007

People need to understand that the creator of this League is only slaggin, its just a bit of fun so ooooooh there trigger get off that high horse and drink some milk
By Keith on 31/10/2007

i am sure by this method china will be a super power in football
By gwanmesia mike on 31/10/2007

Just imagine. NI with a population of c1.5m beat England population c60m 1-0. If we were the same size as England, we would have won 40-0!
By Stick on 31/10/2007

In Norn Iron we hae know this to be true for years. Just look at the team we have at present. Pele who.....Georgie Best!
By Wee Paul on 31/10/2007

haha gaon norn iron and i dont think people understand this is do wo with population too... if norn iron was the size of brazil, noone would play football, as we would be even more untouchable tha we already are.
By Michael McDowell on 31/10/2007

Gawn the norniron like
By Des on 31/10/2007

A bizare method of ranking
By Gwanmesia Michael Sabum on 31/10/2007

We've probably got the best striker playing in Europe right now, David Healy. The Green and white army march on to euro 2008!!!!
By Paul on 31/10/2007

Do you think if Northern Ireland have a population of Brazil, will perform like Brazil ? No! That's why this system doesn't make sense.
By Xavier on 31/10/2007

A simply ridiculous system of ranking!
By Xavier on 31/10/2007

And the fans in Rio sing 'We're not Northern Ireland, we're Brazil'.
By dr.aye well if ye want on 31/10/2007

go on norn iron!!!
By paul on 31/10/2007

Go Norn Iron! We r so no.1!
By NI babe on 31/10/2007

How is Germany ranked number 4 and then england is number 8...Germany suck compared to england. These rankings are so not true.
By Billy Bob on 31/10/2007

Best in the world, always knew it in my heart, now we have the stats to back it up!
By Flipping magic on 31/10/2007

we have got the best striker in europe at the moment the living legend, the great one, david healy. green and white army march on to euro 2008!!!!
By ricky on 31/10/2007

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